Print and digital marketing can coexist

45940884 - win-win situation - business conceptIn this age of digital marketing, many say print marketing is dead. We know that just isn’t true: Businesses, especially retailers, still find plenty of success with coupons, catalogs, direct mail, and other “traditional” marketing methods that resonate better than some digital channels.

Unfortunately, the argument often comes down to print or digital, thus implying you must pick one over the other. This is short-sighted because it assumes a digital audience won’t respond to print and a print audience won’t respond to digital. The truth is, if you do each well, your audience will embrace both.

Yes, consumers love getting emails and texts with special offers, but they also love holding a catalog in their hands and browsing through it at their leisure. Consumers may like digital coupons but often don’t actively seek them, much less print them out on their own. Send those same coupons to people via a direct mailer, and all they need to do is bring it to the store to redeem.

In tandem, print and digital deliver innovation. Put a QR code on a mailer or in-store display and you harness the power of both print and digital. Similarly, you can offer digital opt-ins to catalogs or other print materials and provide consumers value where there might have been none. Again, you don’t have to choose between print and digital, but rather, choose how to use both to maximize your marketing potential.

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