3 Creative Ways to Improve Your Cool Branded Tech Products

3 Creative Ways to Improve Your Cool Branded Tech Products

3 Creative Ways to Improve Your Cool Branded Tech Products

So you’re thinking about heading out to a trade show, and you’ve decided you want to hand out tech products, but everyone is doing that now. Maybe you want to improve your cool branded tech products but are looking for an innovative way to do it. Below you will find three easy and innovative ways to make the most of your tech products.

Give the people what they want

Not all tech products are created equally, and if you are looking to market your company through branded tech, make sure to do some research before picking a product. Look, everyone gives out USB drives. Those get lost just like pens do. Look a bit further and give people something they will really use, so they can really remember the company. For example, a dual USB car charger is an option. These items can be branded, and everyone needs a universal car charger. Charging flashlights are also a great option. Whatever you choose, just make sure to go a bit off the beaten path so you are remembered.

Make Your Booth Memorable with Technology

We have technology at our fingertips every, single day. Phones and tablets have become like a third hand to most people. With this information in mind, consider using technology at your booth to pull in potential clients. Inbound marketing works great in these scenarios. Consider creating a FourSquare stop for your booth, or create a Twitter account. Use signage that lets people know they can check in or follow you for updates.

Tie It All Together

One mistake many people make when dealing with trade shows is they forget to tie it all together. You may have the signage, the promotional gifts, and the demonstration down pat, but if you don’t tie it all together it is easily forgettable. When you head out, make sure the products you choose, the signage you create, and your company’s online branding are all cohesive. Make sure your promotional gear includes a QR code and social media addresses. This is a great way to make sure your message lasts beyond the convention center doors.


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