5 Company Branding Mistakes That Could Cost You

5 company branding mistakes that could cost you

5 Company Branding Mistakes That Could Cost You

Successful company branding results in a company name, logo and message that is immediately recognizable to consumers. When you think of some of the most successful businesses in the world, such as McDonald’s or Nike, you think of the golden arch or the swoosh. Their brand identities are so strong that you can recognize them by their logos alone.

While your branding efforts may not reach these heights, it’s something to strive for. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to create brand awareness because of some common branding mistakes, which include the following.

1.   Not researching your chosen brand name – A simple Google search will reveal if there are any companies that are already using the name you’ve chosen. Look for company names that are too similar to yours. This can result in confusion amongst your target audience.

2.   Choosing a name with negative connotations – If you’re planning on doing international business, make sure that the name you choose does not have negative connotations in other cultures. You may also want to make sure you do not use a name that has a stigma or a bad reputation from a previous business. For example, even if your founder’s name is John Enron, you may want to avoid using the Enron name for obvious reasons. If you are not familiar with Enron, their executives used accounting practices that falsely inflated the company’s revenues. This enabled the firm to become the 7th largest corporation in the US, until they were found to have committed fraud and were forced into bankruptcy.

3.   Using style features randomly – Don’t just choose your brand’s colors randomly. Colors have meanings that need to be considered. For example, the combination of red and yellow tends to incite hunger, which is why that combination is so often used in fast food restaurant logos. This would be a combination of colors that you would want to avoid if you’re selling an appetite suppressant.

4.   Choosing a poor domain name – If you have a bad domain name, it can be difficult for customers to find you online. Make sure to avoid using dashes, numbers, and words, or names that are difficult to spell. Keep it simple, short and easy to remember.

5.   Forgetting to trademark your brand name – As soon you create a brand, file a record of the trademark under your name. This will protect your brand reputation and prevent competitors from copying your work.

These are five common company branding mistakes that could end up damaging your efforts to build your brand identity and increase brand exposure. Your brand is what your company will be linked to forever, so be sure to craft it carefully.


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