8 Tips for Making a Striking Brochure

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8 Tips for Making a Striking Brochure


Brochures are one of the oldest marketing tools still being used today. In fact, numerous businesses continue to create them for every campaign they launch in the hope of reaching out to new customers.


However, unlike magazines, brochures are disposable. Therefore, a poorly executed brochure could end up in the garbage. When seeking new customers, the last thing you want is your brochure to be thrown away Instead, you want to create something so visually appealing that a potential client will be immediately drawn to it


In this article, we give you innovative tips for making a striking brochure that will grab a hold of and keep someone’s attention.


Brochure design tips and techniques


The brochure’s design will determine how well your brand is received. If it doesn’t invoke some type a feeling there is an 80 percent chance it will end up in a landfill. Here are some things to remember to ensure your brochure is seen and not tossed.


It’s all about the headline


The headline you select will be the first thing a potential customer will see. Choose one that will stand out. Use simple words and phrases, such as “easy,” “the secret to,” “how to,” and “free.”


Be Practical 


When creating your brochure, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Ask the following questions, “What will their initial thoughts be?” and “Will they find the brochure overwhelming?” Or practical and effective?


Once you have the answers, you will want to work on the brochure’s folds. There should only be four, and each should invoke a new emotion. Hopefully, this will cause the reader will want to read the entire brochure.


Think outside of the box


One way to ensure your brochure is kept is to create something unique, perhaps one with a distinctive shape.

A unique shape will bring graphic appeal to the information. A map of the city your business is in or a calendar could also be a good addition.


Keep it simple yet bold


Many businesses struggle with this. Businesses want to have as much information as possible on a brochure, but that can be counterproductive. A reader may just skim it and then throw it out. Keep it simple, yet bold. Put important data in a bold font and force the reader’s eyes to read them first. Consider using bold colors, such as red, orange, green, and blue. Pair them with a simple background to create a striking contrast.


Adobe InDesign


Adobe InDesign was created to help you design the perfect layout that is also printer-friendly.


Use valuable images


A good image sets the tone for the message you are attempting to convey. Consider using one large image to tell your story instead of several smaller ones.


Limit your fonts


Using too many fonts may make your brochure appear messy. Keep the number of fonts to four.


Use testimonials


Include testimonials that praise your products and/or services to show credibility.


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