Tips For a Successful Pop-Up Shop

Tips For a Successful Pop-Up Shop

The Arrival of the Pop-Up Shop

The pop-up shop, a flea market booth on steroids, offers sellers an opportunity to test market their products and services in specific locations, often during special events at a fraction of the cost of opening a brick and mortar store.

Gaining Momentum

Although trending since the early 2000s and steadily gaining momentum, pop-up shops aren’t exactly a new idea, yet they do add a novel twist to traditional marketing and sales schemes. At the most basic level, pop-up shops are a spin-off of the customary Christmas tree, Easter and Mother’s Day flower lots that sprout up across town at just the right moment during the holiday season in ultra-convenient locations.


As a marketer and seller you are, no doubt, keenly aware success is not only about getting your product and message in front of the right customer at a time they’re most likely to make a purchase. Success is also about location, location, location.  But optimal locations can be expensive, especially for start-up sellers who cringe at the idea of signing a yearly or longer lease on retail space. It’s actually quite a gamble to enter into such an arrangement. It may take years to build a following to support the feasibility and profitability of opening up shop in a highly coveted location.

Popping up in various upscale locations for a few days or weeks at a time; however, alleviates much of the overhead and fear factor associated with testing a brand, service or sales strategy in any particular region. Much more gentle on the budget, especially with today’s real estate glut, sellers are able to pick and choose from a variety of venues saving them a bundle while they build their businesses.

If you’re looking for stronger arguments than the affordability of locations available for set up and the flexibility and timing of sales events to convince you to dabble in the pop-up market, take into consideration the excellent avenue pop-ups offer in developing direct relationships with customers. You’ll receive immediate, one-on-one feedback offering insights on how you might modify messaging and strategies to increase sales while building a customer list interested in attending future events.

A small budget marketing plan makes it possible for pop-ups to introduce themselves before they ever roll into town. Here today, in New York next month and on to San Francisco the month after helps build interest and hype and encourages potential customers to visit your pop-up while you’re in town. The use of creative pricing schemes in tandem with your marketing efforts are often effective in drawing in early birds interested in larger discounts at opening time with discounts steadily decreasing throughout the day. Hopefully, you’ll have lines forming outside convincing the casual passerby to stop and see what all the hype is about.

Finally, pop-up shops have gained so much momentum that permanent businesses have, in some cases, tried pulling in the reins on such establishments citing loss of sales as the reason. But, that hasn’t stopped the pop-up. They’ve banned together and formed temporary shops full of independent co-op vendors willing to fill up empty storefronts during holiday seasons and special kick-off events. Will you be one of them?

Are you ready to set up your Pop Up Shop?

Once you have decided that you would like to pursue a pop-up shop, it’s essential to set a marketing plan. Printing is an essential need.

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