Branding Basics: Developing Company Names

Branding Basics: Developing Company Names

Branding Basics: Developing Company Names

A solid business name ultimately makes or breaks a business. Creating your business name is a fundamental step in establishing your own business. Use these tips for developing business names that resonate with customers and enhance your professional image.

DO: Decide how far you want your business to go

It is important to choose a business name that allows for expansion and growth. Do not limit your company with a small town name if you plan to take your company to greater proportions. If you plan to focus your products and services on your local community, choose a mom and pop store style name to attract more hometown customers

DO: Brainstorm a variety of suitable names

Brainstorming an extensive list of company names for branding your business is essential to choose the right one. Keep a pen a paper handy for sudden inspiration. Take your time to generate a list of possible names that show successful branding potential.

DO: Select a name with significance

If you are naming your business, aim to select a name that has some significance. Create a name that reminds customers of your products and services. The possibilities are endless, but picking a significant business name that relates to your products or services is a great way to help people remember it.

DO: Check the availability of the name

Before you settle on a name, be sure to check its availability. Check with the United States Patent Office to determine if a name is available. Once you submit all of the necessary paperwork to the IRS, your business name becomes official.

DON’T: Choose a complex or ridiculous business name

The worst thing to do is to create a terrible name for your business. Do not design a complex business name that makes it hard for customers to remember it. Make sure it slides off the tongue. Avoid choosing ridiculous or laughable names for your business unless you want to be known for humor.

DON’T: Use abbreviations

It is recommended to avoid abbreviations in your company name. Use full words with regular spellings to make it easier for people to remember the name of your business with minimal confusion.

DON’T: Select a name too similar to another popular brand

Never name your business a name that is too similar to another company’s name. Consumers that aim to recall your business name might end up consulting a popular brand over your business.

Your business name either adds to your professional image or destroys it. Settling on a reputable name for your company early on is essential to enhance your business image. Use these tips to generate solid company names for branding your business.

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