Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Printer Problems and Trouble Shooting

If you’re like most businesspeople, and you own a printer, you depend on it to get work done. For some business owners, the words “my HP printer is not printing” is maddening. If you depend on printers to run your business and have some printer troubleshooting questions, we have answers for you. Here are some of the most common printer problems and the solutions you should try before you call the pros.

Why Won’t My Printer Print?

First, check your printer screen. Do you see an error message? Some printers try to help and give you an error message to clue you in on what’s wrong. If you don’t see a message, the first thing you should do is make sure your printer is still connected. Check your USB or Ethernet cable connections. If you have a Wi-Fi printer, make sure it’s enabled and connected to your wireless network. The next step is to ensure your printer driver has not been corrupted. Sometimes, it happens. You can reinstall your printer driver by going to the manufacturer’s website and downloading it. Also, you can look at the troubleshooting section in your owner’s manual to figure out what you need to do.

I Have a Low-Ink Warning

If you’re getting a low-ink warning, don’t panic. Printers – especially new ones, have an ink tank indicator that issues warnings when your ink starts to get low. However, each manufacturer determines what that low level should be. This means each printer is different with regard to the level it starts to show you a warning. Experts say the only way to figure out how much you can print with a low-ink warning is to continue to print. Keep a count of the pages. That way, you’ll know how long you can print until the printer shuts down or the ink becomes too faint. It wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and order that new cartridge, though.

I Can’t Print from My Mobile Device

Are you having printer problems from your mobile device? There are several things you can try to make sure you can print. If your Wi-Fi printer is new, check whether its manufacturer has an app that allows printing from any device. You should be able to download the app to your phone and your tablet. Also, there are third-party apps that give you access to print if you have more than one printer. These apps also allow you to scan and print. Check out some of the most popular apps for Apple or Android. These apps will allow you to get your printing done no matter where you are.

Printing Takes Forever

If you have a Wi-Fi printer, you may want to check how close your printer is to your router. Making sure your printer has a good signal should speed up your printing times. You should also make sure you have a router that is fast enough to handle your printing needs. You may also want to try adding power to your router by adding an extender or repeater to strengthen performance.

If you think your printer is the problem, there are even some solutions for that. You can change your printer settings for the items you print. For example, you can change your printer to print in draft mode. This saves the high-quality printing for final projects. Also, avoid printing on both sides. This takes up more time than you want to spend. You may also want to check and make sure you have high-speed printer drivers.

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