Custom Die Cutting. Taking Businesses to the Next Level

Custom Die Cutting. Taking Businesses to the Next Level

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want your business materials to represent the kind of business you are in? Want to make sure that you get that next contract or next job? Take your printed business cards and materials for your business to the top-shelf level. Hawk Graphics offers custom die cutting services for businesses.

Die Cuts

Die cutting is a process that printers use to create a large number of shapes from materials, such as wood, plastic or metal. A sharp blade cuts into the material and creates different shapes. Then, this sharp blade cuts through paper. This is a die cut. Many people compare die cuts to a cookie cutter cutting through the dough.

Just as cookie cutters can make lots of different shapes and sizes, so, too, can die cuts. In fact, printers are able to customize a die cut to the needs of your order. Also, die cut paper creates a crisp, smooth edge. That’s something you can’t get from scissors.

Custom Die Cutting Services

You may be wondering, “Is there die cut printing near me?” The great news is, through the magic of computers, you can get custom die cutting services wherever you are. First, you send your order to the printer. Then, the printer will choose the right die for your job. The die itself is a thin metal blade embedded in a block of wood. The printer will use the die to cut your paper into the shape you want.

Upon completing the die cut shape, the printer will move the paper and strip out any uncut pieces by hand. Then, he or she will make sure each die-cut page looks exactly the same. The uniformity is what you would expect from a professional printer. You want every piece in your order to look exactly the same.

What Can I Use Die Cuts for in My Business?

There are lots of products you can use die cuts for. Keep in mind you will want to use die cuts when you want something about your product to stand out. For example, you want your business card to stand out so people will remember it. You might also want to consider die cut paper on presentation folders for that little extra punch. In addition, you can use die cuts for door hangers. If your business hands out brochures or gives out postcards for surveys, you can have those die cut as well. You wouldn’t want to have everything die cut. However, you do want your die cuts to stand out and get you noticed.

If you really want to get creative, die cuts allow you to do so. Think about the part of your business that you want to emphasize. You want to make sure the part of your business that is essential and recognizable is noticeable to everyone. You may want to think about die cutting your logo so that it is prominent. You could also die cut your product, if possible, so it stands out on folders, door hangers or business cards. Depending on what your business does, there may be something else you want to bring to the forefront. Some people do die cuts for a particular part of their logos, such as the scrollwork. You might also want to die cut a feature that is unique to your logo.

If you are looking for a printer for your die cut order, why not contact Hawk Graphics Inc? Being located in Mount Freedom, N.J., has not stopped us from servicing the 48 contiguous U.S. states. Give us a call today!


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