Our Digitial Printing Services

Whether you’re in need of brochures, flyers, postcards, presentations, folders or any other small quantity of marketing materials, we can provide you with cost-effective & full-service print solutions with high-quality prints and quick turnaround on all your digital needs.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a where you utilize an electronic file direct to digital press or printer that can deliver a wide array of media. In general, the term to refers to professional printing where jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using large-format or high-volume printers. This type of printing allows for on-demand printing with quick turnaround time. You also have the ability to personalize these materials to individuals.

The Paper

With every digital printing project, Hawk Graphics Inc. will only use paper that is digitally certified. Some commercial printers will use non-certified stock paper which often times leads to blemishes, smudges, and other post press issues.

Print Quality

Throughout the past couple years, the digital printing equipment and technology has come a long way. We have the ability to produce similar print results to offset printing standards at a fraction of the time and cost. Digital printing is a simpler process. There is no need for plates and mixing inks so our on-demand digital printing services can be delivered in most cases within 24 to 72 hours. 

It's Green!

When it comes to digital printing the overall effects on the environment are positive, unlike traditional offset printing. There are no pre-press stages which means there are no films, plates, and/or chemicals to produce waste. Nowadays most digital printing equipment is even waterless which saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water compared to the previous generations of digital printing equipment. 

The Results Are Fast

Most digital printing services can be completed for you on-demand which means you can always make last minute changes prior to printing. Our creative team can make quick changes on the computer and work with you to make sure every aspect of your print project is completed to your satisfaction right up until you have approved the initial prints and are ready to complete the final print. 

Is Digital Printing Right For You?

Digital printing is very economical for applications where you require small quantities of various marketing materials quickly and you don’t want to have to manage inventory levels. Let us at Hawk Graphics, Inc. be your printing company of choice for all of your digital printing solutions.

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