Do Not Underestimate The Impact of Print Advertising

Do Not Underestimate The Impact of Print Advertising

Do Not Underestimate The Impact of Print Advertising

In a study of 3,000 consumers measuring various components connected to brand recognition, they found that “the brands that included print magazines in their media mix saw a 22% uplift in brand trust, a 55% increase in brand favorability and a 29% lift in purchase intent.” Print advertising isn’t dead despite the internets efforts to move absolutely all marketing attempts online.

The executive director of Magazine Networks, Mary Ann Azer says, “Advertisers should not underestimate the incremental impact of magazines as they add something different to each media channel. These results can help support better channel planning depending on campaign objectives. If they’re not already utilizing magazines, advertisers would do well to reconsider the role in the overall marketing mix.”

Advantages of print advertising

  1. Audience Targeting

Targeting key demographics has never been easier. Companies can identify groups of single parents, dog owners, and homeowners with ease through several companies and agencies that collect this information. Armed with those addresses, businesses can use commercial printing companies to send out targeted blasts in the form of direct mail.

  1. More is Better

Several studies have found the benefits of broadcasting in more than one media. Brand connections is 2.1 times more likely if advertising within print and radio ads, for instance. And another study found that when those print ads are accompanied with online ads or radio spots, people retain information even better. It never hurts to advertise in more than one place.

  1. Miss Connections due to No Connection

Despite more and more people moving to online forums, there is still a portion of the population that doesn’t connect to the internet. Online campaigns against those people are fruitless because they never would even see them. Those people do read magazines and newspapers though and that is where you can target them. Stick with magazines and newspapers as people were 9.2 times more likely to recognize a brand in one of those two mediums and will seek out information on those brands.

  1. Sticks Like Glue

The power of print is known through several studies. A study at Penn State found that print ads stick to a person’s memory much better than its online counterpart. Forty-eight people were shown a series of online and print media to memorize and people retained and remembers that printed ads far more than the online ads. About 80% of consumers are more likely to act on a direct printed mail product from a company, while only about 45% will click and go through with an online advertisement.

  1. Tangibility Equals Higher Trust

People are more willing to trust something that took effort and time to make. Consumers are constantly assaulted on their computers from all sorts of advertisements, wanted or unwanted. Many people are uncomfortable with cookies and browsers tracking your search history, so they take less merit whenever they see ads pop up on their screen. If they have something solid in their hands, it’s there for a reason and is perceived as more trustworthy.

Print advertising is not dead

The future of print media in the world is looking more positive every day. With audience targeting, tangibility, and the stickiness of print media on the memory, the future of print media advertising can go further than it did in the days before the internet. Print can reach everyone all over the world while internet and online campaigns stop where the wires do. The more types of advertising you have for your company, the better.

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