Emphasize Color in Your Retail Print Marketing Campaign

Emphasize Color in Your Retail Print Marketing Campaign

Color and The Impact It Has On Retail Print Marketing Campaigns

You may not realize that the colors you use for your printed advertisements may have a direct impact on your campaign results. Researchers have discovered that colors are known to enhance certain emotions, affect how you feel and impact behavior. They are a powerful and influential communication tool.

When preparing for your next retail print marketing campaign is it essential to consider the colors you will use. First and foremost, focus on using the colors that will engage your brand’s personality incorporating your branding and identity.

Below we list several colors and the emotions they evoke. This list will help you with your color decisions whether you are just starting a new business venture or need ideas to attract customers with your next retail print marketing campaign.

Red, yellow and orange are considered warm colors.


Often known to evoke feelings of warmth and excitement, however, the feelings they evoke go way beyond. Red usually symbolizes confidence, strength, and power. Since it is a true attention getter it is great within logos, headlines and any information you want to stand out.


Yellow like the sun radiates strong feelings of warmth, inspiration, and energy. Yellow is often used for children’s advertisements because it can be associated with youthful inspiration. The color even though it seems warm and bright and can lead to visual fatigue.


Orange stimulates enthusiasm, happiness, and vitality. Like red it draws attention but it is not as powerful. It is a great color for advertising, however, it can be considered a neutral color since people either like it or hate, not many opinions in between.

Blue, purple and green are considered cool colors.


Blue is a color that brings on a fresh and calming effect. On the other hand, it can also bring on the feeling of coldness. Blue is known to be a favorite amongst men. Unlike red, it is used for more traditional advertisements and will provide a sense of stability and reliability.


Purple has always had a connection to nobility, royalty and wealth. It gives off the feeling of elegance and luxury. It is an intriguing color that can also be mysterious and spiritual.


Green symbolizes nature and brings to mind grass, trees, and the forest. Since it is a nature color it is cheerful, yet soothing and can represent health, money, and trust. Some researchers believe green reduces stress and helps to heal.

White creates a sense of space.

In Western cultures, white is associated with cleanliness, purity, and innocence. In Eastern cultures, white is symbolic to death, sadness, and mourning. White is great to complement another color. For example, it can tone down the boldness of red logo design.

Black absorbs all light in the color spectrum.

Black is produced by the entire absence of light. Black can indicate power, security, and efficiency. Black can also bring on negative emotions and is associated with death and mourning. Black is extremely versatile and can complement any color.


Hawk Graphics, Inc. is ready to help you choose the best colors for your next Retail Print Marketing Campaign. Let’s start by targeting the right potential customers and gain their attention with the right colors! We have been in the commercial retail printing industry for over 30 years and have been designing and printing for retail all across the United States. Contact Hawk Graphics, Inc. to get started on your next retail print marketing campaign.



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