G7 Certified Printer | Commercial Printer | Hawk Graphics Inc.

G7 Certified Printer | Commercial Printer | Hawk Graphics Inc.

Are you looking for a printer to help you upgrade your style and presentation? You shouldn’t just go with any printer. Make sure your printer is a G7 Certified Printer.

What is a G7 Certified Printer? Do you know what that means? If not, we can help you figure it out.

Printer Types

Before computers, a printer would try to get text and pictures close to the colors you wanted. But it wouldn’t be perfect. Even the best printer would have areas he or she could not get right. However, as printers have become more sophisticated, it’s much easier to guarantee you have printed each copy the same way. Because printers are much more advanced, it takes a more experienced person to run them. In this case, people need to attend classes to make sure they can use the printers. In today’s business climate, printers must be able to print beautiful office documents, sales pieces, etc. They must be able to fulfill the needs of any office.

Why Printers Are Important

You are a graphic designer. You have just finished specs on an order for a client. The client wanted to redo his or her corporate information to hand out at meetings and other get-togethers. Your client is happy with the way your work looks, and so are you.

You send the order to your printing company. When the order comes back, you are horrified. Your client approved the color scheme used on your proofs. However, the colors of the new corporate logo on the newly designed letterhead don’t match the proof. In addition, the colors on the brochures, executive business cards, and folders don’t match. Now, none of the introduction material matches the other items in the packet. The graphic artist will most likely have to pay for the redo. No one wants that.

Idealliance G7 Certification Program

You want a printing company that will guarantee you will get the results you want. You need to find a printer who will print something perfectly. In order to find a printer like that, you need to make sure you have a certified printer.

To find a printing company that will give you the type of printing you want, you need to do some research. Make sure your printer operator is certified. Idealliance has a G7 System Certification Program that ensures the printer works the device for a perfect print every time.

Idealliance has a G7 System Certification Program that guarantees the printing device will give you a perfect print every time. It evaluates whether the system can calibrate a printing device to meet G7 grayscale definitions. The company established the G7 system to meet industry standards. These printers and the people who operate them are able to print more efficiently at a reduced cost. They can also get materials to clients more quickly.

Do you try to get the same results every time? Do you want the color to be perfect every time? If yes, then you need consistency. A G7 master printer ensures the color will be exactly the same every time. It also doesn’t matter if the printer switches machines. The color and quality of the print will match.

You need to make sure that your letterhead, information folders, and business cards are the same. Are your other corporate materials the same color every time you print? You may want to do business with a G7 Certified Printer. Contact Hawk Graphics Inc. Servicing businesses in the 48 contiguous U.S. states since 1981, we help you with all your printing and graphics needs. We are G7 certified, and we always strive for professional quality.


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