Give the gift of 2019 with free calendars

30050144 - closeup of woman's hand marking date 15 on calendarWith the year winding down, many organizations start thinking about 2019. One way to market to customers, potential customers, friends and anyone else you want to get your name in front of is to give them 2019 – kind of literally.

Free promotional calendars have long been a staple of businesses and nonprofits. Whether it’s something you hang on a wall, pin to a bulletin board, place on a desk or stick on a refrigerator, a calendar gets constant looks from your audience throughout the year.

Yes, people use their smartphones for calendars now, but nothing replaces the convenience of glancing at a calendar when you need a quick answer. And many smartphone owners won’t bother adding something to their digital calendar but will write it down on the printed calendar you provide.

Moreover, calendars are free gifts, and people love free gifts. Even if recipients never use the calendar you sent them, you still gave something of value — a gesture they often don’t forget.

Calendars are cost-efficient marketing — they are inexpensive to produce and distribute. With attractive artwork or photos and a good printing partner, your client base will love looking at your calendars, too. But 2019 will be here soon, so if you want to pursue this strategy, you must get the ball rolling now.

At Hawk Graphics, we’ve helped a variety of clients create calendars they have proudly given to customers. We’re ready to help you start 2019 on a high note. Contact us today at 973-895-5569 or to learn more.