How to Insert a Picture in Your Word Document

How to Insert a Picture in Your Word Document

Inserting a Picture in Your Word Document

The ability to insert pictures and images is one of the most powerful in Microsoft Word. Adding pictures, clip art, and other images is a great way to dress up a dull presentation, create a user-friendly manual or create a killer presentation. We have all heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is certainly true when it comes to Microsoft Word documents.

Inserting a picture or piece of clip art in Word could not be easier.

To get started, simply click on the Insert menu and choose Picture from the drop-down menu. Microsoft Word offers a number of choices for inserting images, including the built-in clip art that comes with the program. User can also choose from additional clip art that is available on the internet, or they can insert their own files.

Users can even use their own special photographs in their favorite Word documents. These pictures can bring new life to any document, and it is easy to create wonderful Word documents with a few clicks of a mouse.

The ability to insert images into Word documents also comes in handy when it comes to creating and printing form letters. Few people enjoy signing hundreds of form letters by hand, but with the help of Word and a good scanner, they don’t have to. Users can simply sign a blank sheet of paper, use a scanner and its built-in software to create an image of the signature and then easily insert that signature into the letter. Gone are the days of signing all those letters by hand.

Whether you use images to dress up a presentation, create a brilliant document or just avoid writer’s cramp, the capacity to easily insert an image file into Word is a real help.

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