How To Integrate Traditional Printing with Digital Marketing

How To Integrate Traditional Printing with Digital Marketing

Many businesses, both small and large, of today, are embracing the new popular trend, digital marketing. They are relying on it to get new leads which they hope will convert to sales. It is true, in today’s world companies need to apply the latest digital techniques to their marketing plans; however, throwing out the idea of the traditional printing on paper is not recommended. Integrating both printing and digital avenues are both needed to get leads, grow the brand and get new customers and sales.

Below we list a few ways you can integrate the new trend, digital marketing into the traditional printing we all know.

Combining Social Platforms with Traditional Printing

First set up your social media pages that will help your business such as Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Start your traditional printing campaign and add the social icons where they can be noticed easily. Print media can include business cards, postcards, brochures, banners, signs as well as promotional items like t-shirts, hats, mugs, pens and more. The list can be limitless. By allowing a potential customer to view your company beyond the printed material will allow for additional knowledge and increase awareness of your brand.

Combining Email and Direct Mail

Direct mail is the traditional way of mailing flyers and postcards directly to a targeted audience or an entire location.

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing whereas a sale or offer is emailed directly to an individual’s email address. The email list can come from your database which you created through other promotional offers and or sign-ups. Emails can also be bought from email companies who provide lists of targeted customers and locations.

With baby boomers living much longer, they may prefer the traditional direct mail, whereas the younger may prefer to view online emails and offers. Depending on your target audience you can choose one or the other; however, combining both is a powerful way to market your brand.

Call To Action

A specific call to action should be on every advertisement whether it be traditional printing, direct mail, social platform advertising or email.


In today’s time, word of mouth incentives is gaining popularity. Offering an incentive-based program such as a referral system can bring new leads and potential customers. Offer incentives to your existing clients and friends to market your business further by offering them something like a promotional item, discount, or gift card.

Integrating Traditional Printing with Digital Marketing

Do not let traditional slip between your toes. By integrating both traditional printing with digital marketing, you can capture the best of both worlds.

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