Legal Industry Printing Services & Solutions

Legal Industry Printing Services & Solutions

Secure, Superior Legal Industry Printing

If you require printing services for your law office, Hawk Graphics is here to help. We know that a secure infrastructure is key when working with our legal firm clients.  We follow strict standards to protect the privacy of the law firm as well as the private information they provide to us.

Hawk Graphics is located in Randolph, New Jersey, but our team serves law firms from all over the United States. Our company has been in business since 1981 and has observed the drastic changes in the legal printing industry over the years. Our team has the experience, technology, and creative abilities to ensure that your printed materials are not only secure but superior in quality. Continuing education and investment in new tools and techniques keep us at the forefront of legal industry printing.

What We Offer

If your law firm needs new brochures or business cards, Hawk Graphics can provide these printed materials to help your law office make a great first impression. Our team is innovative and understands that you want to maintain a professional image. The Hawk Graphics team will work with you to help you choose the best digital printing solutions for your law firm and consult with you about promotional services that require printed materials.

If you are interested in doing direct mail to established and potential clients, Hawk Graphics has everything you need to accomplish your business goals.

Our staff understands that you will likely need several official documents on file for your law practice. We can take care of all your on-demand printing needs in case you need documents quickly.

When you need to print out corporate agreements or meeting minutes, Hawk Graphics can include your logo and essential contact information in these documents. Our professional printing services ensure that all the materials that represent your law firm are presentable and organized.

Since affidavits, briefs, and depositions are all integral parts of maintaining a law office, Hawk Graphics will provide your firm with these documents as well. Resolutions and bylaws, as well as board books and takeover offers,  are necessary for conveying relevant information. When you bring us, the information required for these written materials, our legal industry printing team will transform these details into documents you can be proud to present especially within a courtroom.

The Importance of Print in Marketing

Even though the internet is a vital tool for promoting your business, our qualified team understands that print communications are still essential. Hawk Graphics can provide you with the tools you need to convey the message of your firm. Choose from our fulfillment dashboard to customize your experience and include your logos and messaging in a way that increases brand recognition.

Our staff works with you to ensure your vision comes to life using secure, quality materials and techniques. From the start of an idea to the finished product, you will have the opportunity to give input, so the final product meets your specifications. Our product management professionals focus on delivering your order on time so you can focus on running your legal firm.

Additional Products Offered

Since law firm marketing is multi-faceted, Hawk Graphics provide service products that can boost business and increase the trust of customers. Our team prints flyers that you can mail to clients or leave at your law firm for potential customers to learn more about your business and get your contact information.

Hawk Graphics also prints greeting cards for customers. Keeping in touch with clients during the holidays is a useful marketing tool, and our skilled graphic designers can create beautiful greeting cards that tastefully display your logo.

When you mail materials to clients, specialized envelopes that are unique to your business will help to make the mission of your business even more transparent. Clients are more likely to keep printed materials from your practice if every part of the mailing is company-specific.

Reach out to us today for a consultation and to get more information on how Hawk Graphics can provide you with the secure, professional and high-quality print materials that will move your law firm business forward.


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