Make Direct Mail Marketing Pay Off For Your Small Business

Making Direct Mail Marketing Pay Off for Your Small Business

Direct Mail Marketing – A Staple Strategy

Direct mail, from letters to postcards, is a staple strategy in the marketer’s toolbox. Local small businesses that service defined areas find mailing to their prospective customers a valuable tool to generate business. Because it isn’t cheap to do direct mail, it is much more enjoyable if it’s generating a lot of business.

Make it Short and Visible

While your business requires more text than some others to get your point across, the question is whether the mailing piece is the right place for it. When you put a sales letter into an envelope that requires opening to make your pitch, you’re generating trash in many cases. The prospect simply trashes it without opening if they identify it as a sales piece.

The postcard can be much more effective, as the main pitch and headline are visible without the prospect of having to take any action like opening an envelope. Using a postcard does require a strong headline and call-to-action, or it goes into the trash just as quickly as the letter. With today’s printers, the actual printing is inexpensive enough to try different test headlines or titles to see which work best, even testing different pitches in the same neighborhood.

Make the Mailer a Website Invitation

The vast majority of your prospects will want to check you out on the Internet anyway, so you may as well use your website as a marketing tool tied to your direct mail. You want to use a headline and call-to-action in your mailer that offers them a phone number and email address, but you should also offer them more information at your website.

Create a landing page just for your marketing mailer. Using a home cleaning service as an example, your postcard could pitch your service as good for their home, their health, and the environment. It offers up your landing page URL, something like
http:/, so it’s easy to remember and type. You tell them in the mailer that you use environmentally friendly cleaning materials free of harmful chemicals, and they can see on your site what they are and their benefits to the home and their family’s health.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re pitching, as the strategy works for all. If you’re a bookkeeper or accountant, you can headline your mailer with a statement about taking advantage of the newest tax law changes, and create a landing page that explains them in more detail. It is guaranteed that they’ll respond far better to this than to a multi-page letter with the details.

The Landing Page Call-to-Action

Once you get them to your landing page, you can’t stop there. You still must close the deal and get the business, or at least a chance to directly pitch to the prospect if you can get their contact information.

Offer a coupon via email, or a detailed report of the new tax law changes, or some other special deal if they respond from that page. You’ve done great so far, getting them to hold onto that mailer and come to your website, so don’t drop the ball now.

Getting a prospect to give you their contact information so that you can build a relationship that leads to doing business can involve several careful steps. Taking direct mail to the Internet is logical, as the Web has become how people check out a business.

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