Pharmacy Advertising Flyer Design

Pharmacy Advertising Flyer Design

Pharmacy Advertising Flyer Design

Flyers are a must-have when marketing and/or advertising a pharmacy and pharmaceutical ads. Flyers have an immediacy that cannot be replicated in other media, and when someone picks up your flyer, there are two things that could to happen: The person might read it or he or she may toss it in the trash. Compelling content and quality printing are very important when creating an impactful flyer that people will read. Here, we will examine steps you can take to get the best results.


Outline a Strategy for Your Flyer

First, you’ll need to figure out what your stated objective is. What, really, is the flyer’s objective? Jumping right in without a lot of forethought is tempting, but don’t do it. Isolate your objective and give it the most attention. Pharmacies may run specials on all kinds of products and services. If you want to draw attention to your company, you could offer free blood pressure screenings or other health screenings. This will titillate would-be customers into visiting your business and with pharmacy advertising flyers, you can let the whole neighborhood know about the event!

Flyers are very effective when you want to reach customers in the community. Your flyer arrives in the mail or is picked up and placed on the kitchen counter for another family member to discover later. So, how will your flyer be distributed and what should the main message be? Figure this out and you’re already well on your way to creating an effective pharmaceutical flyer.


Suggested Pharmacy Flyer Dos and Don’ts

Creating the pharmacy flyer design for your unique concept is the next step. The color is important. Research shows that specific colors manifest certain emotions. Bright and bold will attract attention. Black and white are understated and serious. Find the colors that reinforce the main message you want to express. If you’re having a BOGO sale, scream it with loud colors! Are you new to the neighborhood and announcing a grand opening? Then, you might want to use the main colors used in the lobby of your store to get people familiar with your establishment.

Reinforcing your brand identity is also critical when producing flyers. Pharmacy advertising flyers and pharmacy grand opening flyers will resonate with consumers more if they do a good job announcing your brand. What are the important elements? Do you have a phone-in system for refills? You can display your phone number at the top of the page and focus on how convenient this feature is.

Sometimes pharmacy flyers announce sales of various products. In this case, it’s suggested you determine who your target customer is and which products he or she would be most interested in. Then, you can lay out the products in a way that puts the most desirable products at the very top of the page. “Oh! I want this!” can easily translate into, “I want this and this and this.”

You’ll also want to determine the right size for your pharmacy flyer. Our advice is to avoid the mundane. A plain sheet of paper with a couple of graphics in a “blah” font, with products advertised in no order, is not going to create much interest. Instead, try a folding flyer with an eye-catching image on the front that makes people want to flip the page. Keep the first page simple and entice people to turn the page so they can discover what is next. This simple act of page-turning means the customer is investing the effort to find out more about you, and subconsciously, will reinforce he or she is interested in what you’re offering. Remember to include a call to action at the bottom of the flyer to encourage patronage and, at that point, you’ll have marketing material that works.


Looking for more information? Contact Hawk Graphics Inc. to start designing your pharmacy advertising flyer today!  We are located in NJ, but service the 48 contiguous US states. We provide fast, reliable service with a quick turnaround at an affordable price.

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