Printing for Franchises | Marketing Printing Services

Printing for Franchises | Marketing Printing Services

Develop a Marketing and Printing Strategy when Starting a Franchise

Are you starting a franchise? The first place to start is by creating a marketing plan. Developing a marketing plan is just as important as creating a business plan. Below we are providing a brief list as to the steps you can take to help you through your new business venture. Whether you are purchasing a franchise or you are marketing your franchise for others to buy this list will help you to achieve a smooth start-up.

Business Analysis

Start with a brief description of your current product or service. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Review the financial challenges you may face during the first year regarding construction set-up, product purchases, low traffic and more.

Target Your Audience

If you are marketing to consumers set up a profile as to the age, gender, demographics and other relevant characteristics that you will be targeting, if you are a B2B marketer, your profile can be categorized by categories such as doctors, lawyers, shopping malls and more.

Goals and Strategies

Set up realistic and measurable goals for the 1st year that are easy for you to evaluate. Develop strategies to reach these goals. For example, provide special offers, do print mailers or send out emails to individual consumers or specific audience categories.

Create a List and Evaluate Budget

Keep a list and breakdown the costs associated with each goal. As the year goes on you can make revisions as necessary. This list is helpful for the startup of all types of franchises to name a few; industrial franchises, electronic store franchises, retail franchises as well as many more.

Marketing / Printing

Doing the right marketing is essential for all franchises. At Hawk Graphics, Inc. we provide all types of commercial printing services. The branding and initial design of logos and print materials are of utmost importance. Our team has a long history helping franchisees to grow their business by marketing print materials. We can start with the design than provide printing of business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, promotional products and more. We have a fulfillment department and can give complete mailing services. Our prices are always competitive and affordable. Our physical location is in Mt. Freedom, NJ in Morris County. Our complete printing services are not limited to NJ. We design and print for the entire 48 US contiguous states. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you with a smooth franchise startup.

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