Small Business Branding: Power of Color for Small Business Brands

Small Business Branding: Power of Color for Small Business Brands

The Power of Color when Branding Your Small Business

Color is an essential nutrient for branding your small business. Savvy business owners realize that effective use of color is one of the most impactful ways to attract their target market. Yet, others either ignore color or aren’t aware of its significance.

Are you a bit skeptical? Using color psychology in business is not some new age mumbo-jumbo. Far from it. Just look to the Big Business Guys who have trademarked a specific color. Such as Tiffany’s, with their robin’s egg blue and 3M’s canary yellow Post-Its.

Color is all around us, like sunshine, and it stimulates various emotions, e.g. yellow and happiness. Before you finalize your business branding efforts, consider the color(s) that best represent your product. As for the psychology of colors, scientific research has shown that colors have a powerful impact on our mind, body, and emotions.

Colors and Your Small Business

According to case studies, 60-80 percent of consumers make product choices based on color. This means color(s) choices for your logo, packaging, business stationery, website, promotional/ marketing materials, etc. can make the difference between success and failure.

Two colors are ideal – a dominant color and an accent color. The colors you select should represent your brand promise, portray an ideal image, and separate your brand from competitors.

Color psychology in business includes the consideration of business type, culture, and location. However, in the USA, colors also have collective meanings, i.e. American brides wear white, Most American women own a ‘little black dress,’ and red lights signal stop.

Branding Your Business with Color

Be mindful, as several color combinations can enhance your business. If you don’t resonate with a certain color, simply don’t choose it. Let’s explore several color meanings that are applicable to American small business owners.

Suppose you have an online business selling natural bath and beauty products. Green is a good choice for your dominant color because it prevails as the color of beauty in nature. Pretty perfect, huh?

Consider gold for your accent color because, in business, it signifies richness, quality, and exclusivity.


Surveys say that 33 percent of American businesses use blue to build their brands. Psychological characteristics of blue: loyalty, truth, sincerity, and intelligence. Blue is a dependable color for promoting trust in your brand and developing customer loyalty.

Typically, men prefer blue.

Consider silver for your accent color to glam-up your business persona and attract abundance.


Red symbolizes passion, power, and love. Surveys found that 29 percent of American business logos are red. Red stimulates the appetite, as well as encourages movement. Fast food operations commonly use red to incite customers to ‘eat and run.’


Orange is a high-energy color that should be used sparingly (perhaps as an accent color?) because it can cause irritation, although it can inspire lively social interactions. Restaurants, beauty salons, and travel agencies commonly choose orange, since it suggests taking risks, adventures, travel, and frivolity.


If you’ve got high aspirations for your new business, choose yellow for its optimistic and positive traits. Interesting tidbit: the human eye is drawn to yellow before looking at other colors. Since yellow attracts attention, use it to spotlight your exhibits at trade shows, etc.


If you sell high-end products or services, purple is ideal, having long been associated with royalty and creativity. Interesting tidbit: Few businesses choose purple for branding and/or their logo. Yahoo is an exception. Their purple logo signifies the information they impart is valuable. Cadbury trademarked a specific shade of purple.

Back to our natural bath and beauty biz…Since you are targeting a female audience and since women rank purple as a top-notch color, wouldn’t it be prudent to take advantage of purple’s allure?

Black & White

Black and white ooze power. Incorporate black and white as your brand colors, add trendy negative space (white space) and you will portray ribbon-and-chocolate-box perfection. These colors have proven to enhance brand recognition. If your vision includes sophistication and sumptuousness or if your target audience is high-end, then wow ’em with black and white.

Final Thoughts

Tap into the power of color to convey your brand’s quality and uniqueness. Color psychology communicates to your potential clients, without words. The right use of color in building your brand is considered wish-fulfillment.

Now that you have learned a bit about color and the impact color has on small business branding, let Hawk Graphics help you get started. We are a full-service commercial printing company located in Randolph, NJ. We serve the 48 contiguous states. We design, print, provide finishing services and much more. Contact us today and let help you set up your small business branding.

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