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If you are a business owner, you know how important presentation is. Presentation is everything in business. If you do not put your best face on, you may not get the sale, or get the account. Your presentation is a make-or-break part of your business. Since the presentation is so important, is there something you might be overlooking? If the wrapping on your presentation is not great, the contents will not matter. You need to wow your clients the minute you hand them a folder. How do you do that? With an amazing presentation folder.

There are many kinds of presentation folders, so let us describe them for you. That way, you can decide which presentation folder is right for your business.

Types of Presentation Folders

A presentation folder is the first impression that potential clients will have about your business. Keep in mind that your presentation folder needs to tell the story of your business. That may help you decide which type of folder works best.

Sales Folder

Many businesses use sales folders to make sure that they can close a sale. You want to be able to answer your customer’s questions through the use of information in the sales folder. You also want to make sure you’ve organized your folder. In addition, you want to make sure it has clear information that your customers can find quickly. Several pieces should be in your sales folder. You will need information on your business, such as a brief history, mission, vision, and goals. You will also need testimonials from other clients. Potential clients look at what others say about you. Your sales folder should also include product information, price lists, and designs.

Luxury Presentation Folders

What if you are selling products or services to luxury businesses or luxury clients? Your presentation folder should reflect this. You will want a presentation folder that is unique. It may have a unique design or a unique finish. You may want a metallic design scheme. Your materials will need to be high gloss with heavy paper. If you have photos as part of your presentation, they should be full-color high-definition photos. Luxury clients expect top-shelf treatment all the time — and that is exactly the image you want to present.

Custom Pocket Folders

Depending on what kind of client you are marketing to, you may need more than one folder. For example, you may have a pocket folder design that is for clients who want a brief company overview. That pocket folder may have fewer handouts and papers than your sales folder. People expect sales folders to contain a lot of information. You might also need folders to hand out at conferences. These will give potential clients a snapshot of your business.

What About My Folder Cover Design?

We can’t forget the importance of a folder cover design. In fact, your cover design is the first thing your potential clients see when they pick up your folders. You want to make sure that your folder cover design makes an impression on your clients from the beginning. Take a look at your business logo, for example. Is it everything that you wanted for your company? Is the logo repeated in different formats on your folder? If it isn’t, you may need to consider changing your presentation folder design.

Do you need help making your presentation folders a more effective tool for selling? Perhaps you want to go through the logo redesign process. You might also want some consultation about papers, finishes, and folder looks. We can help. Contact Hawk Graphics Inc. in Mount Freedom, N.J. We provide top-notch service to the 48 contiguous US states with a quick turn-around.

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