The power of promotional products

67643308_SConsumers love freebies. Why else do people go crazy at a sporting event when the mascot fires t-shirts into the crowd? Or volunteer personal information at trade event booth just to get a coffee mug? Or sign up for a credit card they don’t need just to get the free tote bag with the card’s logo on it?

This love of freebies offers an incredible marketing opportunity for businesses large and small. Promotional products are a way to keep your brand in the consumer’s mind long after the product is given to the recipient. Consider the following statistics from Promotional Projects Association International:

  • 53 percent of consumers use promotional products at least once a week.
  • Only 1 in 5 consumers throw away unwanted promotional products.
  • The main reason people keep promotional products is usefulness.
  • Wearable items (e.g., hats, t-shirts, and so on) are the most coveted promotional items by consumers.
  • 8 of every 10 consumers own between 1 and 10 promotional products.

Now imagine your company logo on a range of promotional products. Imagine consumers flocking to your booth at a trade show to pick up some freebies and, maybe, a brochure about your product or service. Imagine someone drinking coffee out of the mug with your logo on it and, one day, realizing he or she needs the service you provide.

Imagine the potential …

To realize this potential, you need a partner that is an expert with promotional products and with helping clients with creating and refining brands and logos. Hawk Graphics is such an expert. Contact us today to learn more about turning your logo into a promotional force.


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