Three Clever Ways To Skyrocket Your Retail Sales

Three Clever Ways To Skyrocket Your Retail Sales

Three Clever Ways To Skyrocket Your Retail Sales

 The retail environment is getting more and more competitive, and it is more important than ever to stand out from the competition. Shrewd retailers know a savvy marketing campaign is important to increased sales. Here are a few ways to increase sales and drive traffic to your store.

Customer Reviews

Of course, one of the best things about great customer reviews is they are free. For the most part, that is. You have to provide excellent services or products in order to get positive reviews. But, let’s assume you are already offering a great product that your customers love. How do you get reviews? Ask for them!

The owner of a cake decorating company that I know did just that and saw a huge boost in sales. In the past, she had been using pictures of pretty cakes to create her marketing materials. The results were only mediocre, and she wanted to grow her retail business. So, she got reviews and began including them in print in pamphlets, handouts, and business cards. Here are two of her reviews:

“My wedding cake from Crystal Springs Cakes was just perfect! I thought it was going to be impossible to find a cake in NYC that was affordable and not sub-par, but Crystal provided a beautiful, affordable cake that everyone loved!” … Sarah, Westchester

“OMG, I’m so glad my friend recommended this company! I got a beautiful cake for photos, surrounded by gourmet cupcakes for guests. The cupcakes were a hit! They were filled with hazelnut and caramel and were delicious and also trendy.” … Rachel, Queens

She saw a huge uptick in business from the effort simply by using customer reviews with printing materials.

Grand Opening

Even if your business has been open for five years, you can still find a reason to reinvent yourself and stage a grand opening. For example, a dry-cleaning business I know bought some new equipment then used that as a platform for a grand opening.

Figure out a strategy that is relevant to your business, then let the whole neighborhood know about it! Find quality printing services and have the company create a huge sign that says GRAND OPENING and hang it outside of your business. Offer free coffee or hold a raffle to draw more interest. If you can afford it, get a giant hot air balloon to put out front. Hot air balloons work because they can be seen from 2 miles away, so people will come just to see what all the hullabaloo is about. Alternatively, have a mascot or brand ambassador greet people on the street, hand them your marketing materials or coupons and direct them to the store.

Be sure to use high-quality printing services, preferably a commercial printing company, to create your signs and other materials. This business usually has tons of other printing ideas that will help to generate interest in your grand opening.

Sponsor An Event

Churches, community organizations, and schools regularly hold events. A great way for retailers to make a splash in their hometown is by sponsoring events. Is a community group holding a long-distance marathon? Get involved and have your business’ name printed on all its promo materials and use quality digital printing to create banners that can be put up along the trail where the runners will be. Of course, you’ll also want signage at the finish line, where family and friends will be greeting the runners at the conclusion of the race. There will be a winner! And, your retail business will be one, too.

Need help in skyrocketing your retail sales?

Contact Hawk Graphics Inc., today!  We are located in Mt. Freedom NJ but are happy to say we have provided great and affordable service to the 48 contiguous United States for many years. We are a family owned well established commercial printing company and are ready to skyrocket your retail sales.



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