Tips For Creating An Enticing Call-To-Action


Craft a Call-To-Action That Gets Great Results

No matter how great your offer is, potential leads and customers won’t take the time to check it out if you can’t entice them to do so. This is why you need an effective call-to-action that will get them excited about what your products or services can do for them. Here are some proven tips for crafting calls-to-action that show great results.

Tell Them What They’ll Get

Somewhere in your call-to-action, tell people exactly what they can expect to receive by looking further into your offer. For example, if you are doing a print advertising mailing make it bold and clear what your offer is. If you are advertising through social media tell them that when they click on your advertisement, they will receive a free coupon, a special deal or whatever you have in store. Don’t leave any mystery about what happens after they click, or your click-through rates will never reach their full potential.

Start With A Verb

The first word in your call-to-action should be a strong and direct verb. Words like click, download, and call are some common examples. By beginning your call-to-action with a clear direction, you’ll eliminate any confusion people may be feeling about what to do next and have them thinking about exploring your offer from the first moment they encounter it.

Use Colors To Inspire Action

Using colors to your advantage is a great way to improve any call-to-action. Avoid using dull colors like brown, black and white, and instead use colors like green, red and yellow, which naturally draw more attention with their brightness. Try several different colors for your call-to-action and split-test them to find the color that converts best.

Establish Some Urgency

Let people know that if they don’t take a look at your offer soon, then they could be missing out on something valuable. For example, create special promotions that end at a specific time and mention them in your call-to-action. With print advertisement, this is a proven way your targeted audience will hold on to the printed advertisement so as not to miss the promotion expiration. If online it is proven to increase click-throughs that you can use over and over again with future promotions.

These are just a few of the best ways to go about creating an effective call-to-action. By starting with a strong verb, using color to your advantage, establishing time limits and being clear about what you have to offer, your leads and sales will continue to grow thanks to your calls-to-action.

Get Started with Your Call-To-Action

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