You’ve got to know when to fold ’em

40653981 - blank black tri fold brochureYou have all this great information ready to be placed into a marketing product. In fact, you have so much that it won’t fit onto a single flat piece of paper or card stock. When this happens, your best bet in this poker game is to fold your hand.

No, we don’t mean give up on your marketing product. Instead, fold your creation into something more compact, presentable and user-friendly. In other words, take your flat flyer and truly turn it into a pamphlet or brochure.

On first thought, you might simply consider folding your marketing once (a half-fold) or twice (a tri-fold. But plenty of other folding options are available – and the more unique the fold, the more appealing the brochure can be. Consider:

  • Z fold: Like a tri-fold, except the second fold is away from the first; perfect for newsletters
  • Gate fold, open: Also like a tri-fold, one fold overlaps the other to give the appearance of a gate
  • Gate fold, closed: Includes an extra fold in the middle of the back panel; also known as a double gate fold
  • Accordion fold: Three or more folds, extends out like an accordion; often seen with longer brochures
  • Half/tri-fold: A large brochure folded in half one way, then folded in thirds the other way; great for maps and large images
  • Quarter fold: Two folds, one in half, then a second halving the first, to create four parallel panels on each side; also known as a double parallel fold

At Hawk Graphics, we are not only experts at printing your marketing materials, but we also can fold them for you, as well as help you determine which fold is best for your brochure or pamphlet. Contact us today at 973-895-5569 or to learn more.